New York, 2007

My second trip to New York City after seven years. Harry, who was living in a nice big apartment near Hoboken in Jersey City, was kind enough to let us have his spare room for a few days.

Shopping with the girls

The first time I came to New York, I got the impression that everyone was going somewhere, knew exactly how to get there and was in a hurry to arrive. Even the pet dogs in Central Park seemed to walk with purpose. This time round it didn't feel as intense. Not even in Wall Street. Perhaps it was because we were shopping most of the time.

We walked until our feet were sore. On the third day, Theresa joined us for more shopping. Then it was dessert at the Serendipity Cafe, where the service was terrible and the servings were un-finishable. We burned off the calories by doing more shopping. This wasn't what I had in mind when we decided to come to New York. I blame Sex and the City.

Moving on

To be fair, they did visit the Met. I didn't go because - don't laugh - I was shopping. Just picking up a couple of things for my camera.

We also went to take a look at Ground Zero. Building was well under way, and apart from the temporary exhibition panels describing the memorial being built, it was quite evident that New York had moved on.

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