Jurassic Coast, 2008

When the music wasn't trying to put us all to sleep, Christie was learning Singlish from us. It was a lot of fun. She laughed at the funny way we spoke, and we laughed at the funny way she tried to imitate the funny way we spoke. By the end of the trip, she had perfected a very convincing "wah lau eh".

Jurassic what?

With Lennon driving - which meant we never lost our way - we managed to cover a fair bit of ground during our four-day tour of the Jurassic Coast. As far as any of our British friends were concerned, this place didn't exist at all. That is, until you mention that it's the Dorset or East Devon coast.

Fossil hunting

But Jurassic Coast sounds so much grander, even if in the end we didn't find anything worthy of the Natural History Museum. In fact, we found nothing that even remotely resembled a fossil. Not a fingernail.

I did try poking around with a stick in Charmouth, but like half the people there, I hadn't the foggiest clue what I was looking for.

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