Hastings: Beach, 2010

I have something of an unhealthy fascination for seagulls and Hastings was full of them - large and fearless - so you can imagine my glee just sitting there on the pebbly beach.

Fish rolls

The seagulls must know that there's great tasting fish in those waters. We got some of that fish just off the Stade, at the foot of East Hill on Rock-a-Nore Road, where a couple has been serving fish rolls for many years. A sign reads, "Still only £2". Fillets from locally-caught fish are fried in a light batter and served in bread rolls. It was delicious.

Wind and tide

At the beach, it alternated between sunny and cloudy at rapid intervals as the wind blew strong and steady. Children played a losing game of catch with the waves, which collapsed one after another as the unrelenting tide brought them in. A flock of gulls scattered. Then descended suddenly and all at once. It was chaotic. I had lots of fun watching.

Gradually it all died down. The gulls became quiet, the waves were less violent. The clouds settled, opaque, between the sun and us. B opened her eyes. It was time to move on.

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