Glastonbury Festival, 2008

We were a lot more prepared than at the last one - with wellies and full-body waterproofing and everything - but of course, bad weather has a habit of coming down only when you're not expecting it. This year, there was plenty of sunshine and the grounds were mostly dry.


We were more relaxed about the whole affair as well, wandering around more, instead of treating the programme like a logistical problem and flying from one stage to the next in order to cram as many acts as we could into a day.

The slower pace allowed us to explore some of the smaller venues and discover bands we've not heard of before.

Not high

Perhaps as a result of that, the festival felt a little too civilised this time round. Except possibly at the Ting Tings, where for three quarters of the gig I was breathing armpit. No, you can't really get high on that.

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