Friskney: Parrots, 2008

A UK Photo Safari trip, this was a great chance to get close to the birds. I've never known that there were so many species of parrots, and even after being told, was unable to tell all of them apart.

Visit recommended

The event was well organised. Steve, one of the keepers, was very knowledgeable - and enthusiastic - about the birds. He was a gracious host as well, with a wonderful sense of humour. If you like birds or even just colourful things, I would recommend a visit.

Sinister noises

The sounds that some of these birds made were astonishing. Everyone knows that they can say hello but when I went into one of the enclosures, a parrot managed to deceive me into thinking that the metal door had clanged shut!

Another group nearby laughed like a hundred witches cackling in unison. I'm pretty sure they were mocking me.

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