San Sebastian: Scenes, 2011

The sun and haze were fighting for the sky in San Sebastian, but everyone else was enjoying being out on La Concha beach. There were lots of activities taking place: teens kicking balls or throwing frisbees or having quiet group chats prone down on the sand, older people sitting on white poolside chairs sunbathing, dogs and their owners playing fetch, kids running about throwing or digging up sand amusing themselves...

A little girl had dug a hole in the sand and couldn't get out of it. The father lifted her, with the mother laughing away.


In the evening, we walked beyond the marina near the bottom of Mount Urgull (where Jorge Oteiza's sculpture Empty Construction is) and watched the sunset, which compared well to the ones we'd seen in Oia, Santorini. It was quieter here too: you don't have to fight crowds to get a view of the sunset, perhaps because it's still only April.

Photo shoot

Some boys were at the fort on the top of Urgull, doing their own 'photo shoot'. The 'model' was also director, choosing the location, putting on his moody pose, telling the one with the camera what to shoot.


When we were not at the beach, we were eating. Ibon, who ran Pension Iturriza, had helpfully put together a list of all the best pintxo bars and what to eat at each one.

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