Bratislava, 2007

From Vienna, we took the boat at Donau Canal to Bratislava. Apartment Blue Danube was supposed to be at 10 Medena Street, but we couldn't find it. There were no signs around, so we rang the owner, Igor, who promptly located us and took us up to the flat. He was very friendly and helpful. The apartment was lovely too.

City walk

We walked around town and visited the places Igor had shown us on the map. The sky was extremely blue. It was great to be walking around taking pictures under that vivid blue sky, although after a while B did get tired of me constantly referring to it as 'Olympus Blue'. Perhaps it was because she was feeling hungry.

B: If we eat a full meal now, we'll be too full for dinner at Slovak Bar.
Me: I don't mind eating an ice-cream.

We did not get ice-cream or any food for that matter but kept walking because she couldn't decide what to eat. Getting the choice of food right was apparently more important than filling herself up.

Slovak Pub

After visiting Bratislava Castle, which offered excellent views over the Danube, we proceeded to the Slovak Pub, which was Igor's recommendations. We passed three American youths on the way there.

Overheard: Time heals all bad haircuts.

It didn't seem very spacious when we first stepped in, but Slovak Pub was huge. In fact, it was the largest restaurant in Bratislava. It was something of a students' hangout, and apparently you can get a free soup for scoring an 'A' in the exams. There were also differently-themed rooms, each introducing you to an aspect of the country's history, so it was good for tourists as well.

We tried garlic soup and the bryndsa haluky, which is dumpling with ewe's cheese. I found it all right but B couldn't eat more than a few mouthfuls. After a while I got tired of it too.

It was raining when we left.

Noise nuisance

Back at the apartment, we were careful not to turn the television too loud as there was a penalty for noise nuisance during the night hours (7pm to 10am). B fell asleep channel-surfing. I sat beside her, hoping that the neighbours wouldn't call the police to complain about her snoring.

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