Singapore, 2008

Sweating like a pig, right after a shower. Rushing around on the MRT. Eating every meal twice because you can't find the same good food for the same good price in London. Staying out late all the time.

Getting lost in your neighbourhood. Getting lost everywhere else. Getting drenched under your raincoat in a tropical storm.

Hearing about all the changes and how fast they come. Seeing the new places you haven't seen. Hort Park. The Marina Barrage. Learning that your local friends haven't been there either.

This is what returning to Singapore is like. A stranger at home.

Catching up

There was no time to meet every friend, but we did catch up with a few. When we ran out of time, we arranged a time and spot for everyone, even if they didn't know each other, to come and meet us. This did not work very well.

Wendy, who runs two excellent gastro-bars, took us to Straits Kitchen. Locals may sneer that it's overpriced hawker fare, but I thought it was a good place for visitors to sample a wide range of local dishes.

And I was really just a visitor. I must try to go home more often.

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