Wroclaw: Scenes, 2010

After first encountering with the 'traveller' gnome at the bottom of The Weather, our subsequent hunt for more gnomes led us to discover other unexpected pieces of sculpture, graffiti and street 'art' along the way...

  • some rhino sculptures
  • wooden miniatures of Adam and Eve and fairies in a shop
  • animal figures along a 14th century 'butchers' street'
  • a lewd cartoon outside the Hala Targowa.

Sculptures and views

At the top of the main university building - the Mathematical Tower - we had a great view of the city, with each corner of the rooftop viewing point marked by a statue, representing: Law, Mathematics, Medicine and Theology.

Unfortunately, we had to skip the most famous attraction in Wroclaw, the Panorama Raclawicka, as it was too late. Wandering into a park we came across a monument to the executed Jews. It was very moving.


We did get a chance to see some interesting people and places, but for me, it was the little things that surprised you in the streets that I enjoyed the most about Wroclaw.

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