Florence, 2008

'Princess' had a game on her Nintendo DS, which contained a puzzle that she posed to me as a challenge. I don't remember why we called her Princess. Mark must have started it. The two of them were almost constantly on their Nintendos. It must be a generational thing.

Divvying up

The puzzle involved a square grid with four houses and four wells, and you were supposed to divide the square up into four equal parts, with one well and one house in each. I spent most of my time in Florence trying to solve this puzzle.

To cut a long story short, I managed to solve it, with the result that I couldn't remember much else about the trip. Except for copious amounts of gelato, which for some reason Mark called 'gelari'; parked rows of motorcycles; the soft glow of Ponte Vecchio at sunset; and the light coming in from the simple stained glass windows of the church's splendid wooden entrance.

I wish I hadn't neglected to take my Moleskin on this trip.

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