Iceland: Icebergs, 2009

After the lagoon tour we went over across the road to the coast. The sun was shining - a marked contrast to the day before - and LS went to lie in the sun while I walked to the edge of the coast down the rocks and did some novice bird-watching. Next, we moved to the other side of the inlet where B and LK could walk down the beach to get close to an ice floe that had drifted down from the lake. It was the only one left in the sea that hadn't melted. There were several when we were on the opposite side of the inlet but after an hour in the sun, only one was left.

Dancing to Kings of Leon

B and LK started drinking and turning Kings of Leon up full blast. Then they decided to jump around and wave their arms. This was what they called dancing. It attracted the attention of a German girl who came over asking if we had any CDs to exchange. She and her boyfriend had been listening to the same Phoenix CD for her entire trip and was sick of it. We said no and she went back to her car. LS doesn't drink but she joined B and LK and danced as if she was drunk. I stayed inside enjoying the sun through the windscreen. The girls invited the Germans for a drink, and they came over to join us. They brought us some MP3 CDs that they'd prepared for the trip but didn't work in their rental car. We tried them in ours and they worked. They gave us the whole lot. LS managed to dig up some compilations that her friends had made for her and gave the CDs to our new friends, Nelly and Denis. We took group pictures and promised to send them the photos.

Black Magic dinner

LK was just sober enough but B was too drunk to join us for dinner. We dropped B at the guest house. At the Langoustine House restaurant, LK wouldn't behave, attracting stares from every table. LS and I tried our best to ignore her. At our table, LK sat slumped in the corner, with her hair in a mess and her sunglasses on at a funny angle. She'd put them on because I'd joked about her eyeshadow colour. The waiter gave her odd looks as the soup arrived. I touched an ice cube to her forehead to wake her. Halfway through her soup - with her shades still on - LK said, "Don't let them clear this. I'm going to sleep and then I'm going to wake up to finish it." She wasn't having any mains.

Our lobsters arrived with a special Black Magic sauce. They were excellent. We offered LK some but she did not respond. When we were done, we woke her so she could finish her bisque. She couldn't believe that we'd finished our mains.

LK: Why didn't you leave one for me?

Locked out

Getting back to the guest house, I couldn't enter my room because B would not respond to my knocking. Good thing we were on the ground floor, with a window facing the parking lot. I went around, moved the curtain aside from a gap through the slightly open window and let the light - still bright at 10pm - in. Then I banged hard on the glass and managed to get B out of bed.

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