Provence: Scenes, 2008

It wasn't all lavender and sunflowers. We had lots of fun driving too.

Navigating badly

Actually, I should say that we had lots of fun riding in the car that Beatrice drove. At times she was at the wheel for twelve hours straight.

She probably didn't find it that fun.

QW read from the guide book, which we mostly ignored. I navigated. This often took us away from our intended route. Which was how we ended up at the top of Mont Ventoux, where a large bon bon stall was tempting the tired cyclists.

I don't know whether the stall sold many bon bons. It seemed to me that the cyclists were more interested in posing for pictures beside the "1912m" sign.

The radio incident

When the scenery wasn't exciting us, we would amuse ourselves by fiddling about with the car radio. I was the assigned button presser.

QW: Can we change the radio?
Denis: No, but I can change the station.

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