Provence: Flowers, 2008

The Korean couple - David and You - whom we met at La Garance, our guest house, told us to expect "sunflower sunflower sunflower sunflower... lavender lavender lavender lavender..." They also mentioned "cocolico cocolico cocolico..." Or at least that's what I heard. I found out later that they had meant poppies, which is coquelicot in French.

Raised expectations

They were very experienced travellers. David very graciously shared with us his route, and told us where to go and the places we shouldn't bother with, where the flowers were already beginning to wither.

We'd seen the sunflowers so we knew that his enthusiasm was not misplaced, but our expectations of the lavender fields were so raised that we were initially unimpressed.

Smelling the lavender

Finally, we came to a road, on one side of which stretched interminable rows of lavender. It was impressive. I could point out where it is on a map but it wouldn't help you since it all depends on when you go.

QW said, "Wind down the windows! So we can smell the lavender!" So we wound down the windows.

We did smell the lavender. We also let in a bee. And flies. Which started a round of winding the windows up and down in an attempt to get the flies out while not letting more in.

I don't think we fully succeeded. It was a great day anyway.

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