Avignon, Provence, 2008

In the car, QW was trying to keep us amused by reading the guide book aloud. All I caught was that in Avignon there's a bridge and a rampart and a cathedral. Sensing that we weren't interested in listening, QW read the 'where to eat' section to herself. At one point she remarked, "We don't want to go there."

Café CiD

In the town centre, the Avignon Festival was in full swing. Everyone was dressed up, even the cars. Something was going on at every corner. We didn't stop to look.

Hunger led us into the first café we saw - abandoning any research QW may have done. We sat, waiting to be served. Beatrice casually flipped through the guide book to see if our café was in it. She said, "We're at the one place QW didn't want to go."

The entry for CiD began, "The most popular gay bar..." I didn't think QW was homophobic. Whatever reservations she had about the place, it wasn't apparent while we were there.

Two is deux

She even tried hard to impress the waiter, with her valiant attempts at pronouncing the word 'deux'.

Waiter: Café?
Beatrice: Oui.
QW: Dway.
Waiter: Deux?
QW: Oui, dway.

Beatrice and I spent the next half hour showing QW the right way to say it. We looked like fools, making exaggerated lip gestures. It was all in vain.

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