Dubrovnik, 2007

By the time we arrived at the bus station in Dubrovnik, the sun had set. It had been a long bus ride but the views made up for that.

Chatty landlady

Goldi Nodilo, the landlady of Dubrovnik Residence, picked us up in her car. She was intense, friendly, professional. She didn't mind driving us to the apartment. She once had to lead her guests there in three cars - like, in her words, "getting married". She worked as a psychologist in the hospital. She was easy to like.

When we reached our room, there was a written guide and some room instructions waiting for us. The room itself was clean and spacious. Goldi gave us some quick tips and then left us to it.

Beatrice and her ice-cream cone

The sky was still blue so we went out for a walk. The ice-cream stall was still open. Greedy Beatrice already had two massive scoops on her cone. She wanted a third scoop but couldn't decide on the flavour. The lady serving us suggested "limon" and piled on a scoop larger than the first two combined.

"For courage," she said. No one who passed Beatrice could stop themselves staring.


Sightseeing around the walled town was all about climbing, but the view was magnificent. Croatia may be overwhelming at times, but it ranks on my list as one of the best countries to visit.

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