Croatia: The sea, 2007

No two views of the sea along the Dalmation coast was the same. Our plan to travel everywhere by ferry was foiled by the unforgiving off-season schedules.

Only Tuesday and Saturday

The lady at the ferry terminal was curt but clear...

Me: Is there only one boat a day to Hvar?

Lady: Who told you that?

Me: How do we get to Dubrovnik from Hvar?

Lady: Only Tuesday and Saturday.

Me: No other way? What about on Monday?

Lady: Take the ferry back to Split, then take bus.

View from the bus

Had we travelled all the way by ferry, we would not have passed through the forests of Bosnia or seen the view from Makarska. A watery sun hung overhead with the mist extending out to the sea. Everything was a near white. A lone fishing boat was making its way back to shore. Beyond the groans of the bus engine there was no sound at all. It was just a town we passed through but it made me want to come back here in winter.

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