Vancouver, 2011

As this was a stopover en route to Hawaii, we had no planned agenda in Vancouver. After enduring some very rude service from the crew on board Air Canada, we were glad to find that at least our room at St Regis was comfortable - we had one double bed each! - and the staff was nice and friendly.

We had time only to walk around the Downtown and Waterfront areas. I found the streets wide and pleasant but a bit messy with the tramlines. The buildings were somewhat haphazard, and nothing stood out to me as noteworthy.

We did have some good grub, notably at Miku, a Japanese restaurant, where the lighting made everything look exotic and the atmosphere could best be described as electric. There were shouts from the cooks' counters every so often, whether it was to greet guests or just to make some morale-boosting noises. You could really feel the energy.

Breakfast at Hawksworth was nice as well. Unfortunately, we didn't get to eat at Medina Cafe, but the food looked very tempting.

On our return trip from Hawaii, there were only several hours to spare. We made it to as far as Stanley Park where, by the pond we passed some time, watching the ducks and the swans.

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